Snippets for Everyone: Topside with Dick and Jane

I have a new preorder! I set up preorders to give myself a deadline. In this case, the deadline is set to get the book out in the world. I actually had most of this story written when I released Hell with Dick and Jane. I was dragging my feet to get it done. So, I put it on preorder to hold myself accountable. It was interesting to write about Dick and Jane adjusting to life together Topside.

How do you think demons would fit in on Earth. Would you go the route of Supernatural? Hell with Dick and Jane? Or, would you do something totally different? The following unedited snippet is what I came up with.

We had to hide those horns right away. Even if you didn’t go anywhere, a delivery guy could see them.  Or even worse, a neighbor.  Dick was against That idea from the very  first suggestion. we  had such a fight. But, there is no way he could leave the house with  huge horns.  He just wanted to go around being invisible, but I don’t want to walk around talking to myself. Plus I wanted him to get out and get active. If you stuck your permanently, you might want to make a life for himself.

As a manager in Inferno, horns were a status symbol. I controlled my horns with my magic, but I was half human. Full blooded demons  grow their horns throughout their whole lives. Dick’s were quite impressive. They grew out of the front of his  and they were jet black. He kept his haircut low in a Caesar. His horns framed his head  and curved towards the back of it and then came out to a subtle point,  nothing too sharp. They were at least two feet long. They were quite beautiful. The black horns were a stark contrast between to his tawny brown skin.

While they may be attractive, they would definitely stand out. So, they had to go. He wanted me to just use a simple glamour on them, but the problem with that was if we came in contact with any other witches they  might be able to see them.  Or, at least sense them.  So more drastic measures needed to be taken.

I said this spell to unfurl my wand. His eyes widened in amazement. He had never actually seen me do the spell before. Once my wand was that full-length, I used it to take measure of his energy. the demon vibes were strong with this one. The only way for me to hide his horns would be to hide his true spirit. He hated the idea that so we decided to do a top-secret spell I was really good at using this when I was a teenager basically we were going to force his horns inside. When I explained to him how the process worked he was horrified. It was definitely going to be painful. [[insert spell work here]

when I was finished, I had  him look in the mirror. he looked at himself in stunned silence.  At first I thought he might cry. But he was naturally vain, so after turning his head to and fro.

“Well it does make for a smooth profile.”

I sighed and rolled my eyes. Maybe this would be easier than we thought.

“I look like one of your filthy human friends,” he said.

So much for easy I guess.

“Humans aren’t all filthy, as you well know. You told me you accepted my human side once,” I said.

It seems so long ago now that we were talking about what we needed to make our relationship work.

“of course your human side because you had a better, demon side. I just feel like a monkey in a suit”

“I’m so sorry that you have to settle for looking like one of us. But, if you want to live through the day you have to blend in.”

Dick scoffed and said, “live through the day? As if any of these humans could affect me.”

“There are more than just humans here. there are witches and warlocks and all kinds of beings. you’re not a special snowflake.”

“I think you know just how special I am,” he said.

If only he would let me forget. He was special. But today, he was being a special pain in my ass.

Topside With Dick and Jane (Hell and Earth Book 2) is on preorder now.

My First Pre-Order

I thought that I would try something a little different. I have never put a book up for pre-order before, so I thought I would try it out. A few days ago, March 28th to be exact, I let this baby loose in the world.

I didn’t really let anyone know. OK, that’s not exactly true. I put it in my newsletter. I wasn’t sure what the reaction would be. Would everyone wonder why I didn’t just release the book outright? Would anyone even care? Who am I even talking to?

  • Imagine my surprise when people actually started buying it! I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. My goal is to sell these stories. But, I am really happy about it. It’s longer than the stories that I’ve published up to this point. I’m hoping that my stories get even longer. I feel like my writing is improving. I can honestly say the Phoenix Prime has changed my life, and is continuing to do so every day.

I hope that you have something that inspires you too.