Story Spotlight: The Three Wish Mermaid

Hello, Musers! Welcome to another Story Spotlight.

This week’s story was written by the lovely Summer Donnelly. She is a writer in, you guessed it, Phoenix Prime.

Our editors are big fans of her stories. I heard so many great things that I had to see for myself. I have to be honest.  The cover sold me before I even read the description. Isn’t this a beautiful cover? Not only is it gorgeous, but it also fits the main character, Greer, perfectly.

He wondered if she’d been born -hatched?- with blue hair or if it had taken on the muted shades of greys and blues of the sea and sky which surrounded her.

The Three Witch Mermaid is a Witches of Warren County story. All the stories stand alone, but they take place in the same county. Makes sense, right? Other characters are introduced in the story, and they get their own books in the series too. I love it when authors do that. I try to do the same thing.

The writing is fantastic. I also really love the small details, like what mermaid tears turn into. I’m not going to tell you what that is. You need to read it for yourself. At the risk of sounding dramatic, this story made me believe in love at a time when I really needed to.

There was a great gaping maw where his heart once beat at just the thought of life without Greer.

Where is my romantic fisherman? Summer Donnelly is giving me false expectations. I could give you a million snippets, but none of them would do this wonderful story justice.
When asked for more info about the story, this is what Summer had to say. You know the rules. Everything in bold is from me.
Greer’s name was inspired by the actress Greer Garson who is Lizzie in my least favorite adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. [Mine too!] What I love about my Greer is she is both childlike and worldly. She may not know how a cellphone works, but after swimming in the oceans for almost 500 years, she speaks multiple languages. [She was really into bathtubs too!] Some pop culture references have filtered their way to the waterways.
I wanted this story to be different from other famous mermaid stories. I used the base story of The Fisherman and the Fish (sometimes called the Three Wish Fish) and added a touch of romance. [I found that story here. I like The Three Wish Mermaid a million times better.]
I also love Duff. [I love him too! Where is my fisherman?!] He’s a quiet and taciturn man who has been hurt in the past. He needed this bright and bubbly woman-child to draw him out of his self-imposed exile.
Unlike Splash, which takes place in Manhattan, I  wanted to give Greer and Duff’s tale (tail??) a small town secluded feel. This isn’t a slapstick comedy with Tom Hanks. This was a gentle unfolding of emotions between two very different people. They needed time to let that play out.
My romances aren’t all about wild rides and huge misunderstandings. They’re about two people, sometimes with very different backgrounds who, through the magic of love, become a little less lonely. That’s my wish for the world: that each of us finds that other half of our soul, treasure him or her, and allow ourselves to love. [I’m not crying. You’re crying.]
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Story Spotlight: Solaris

Solaris is the first book in the Star Streaker series by TM Catron. If you like Firefly or Hans Solo from Star Wars, I think this is going to be the book for you!

I am a bit of a science fiction nerd. OK, fine. I’m a huge science fiction nerd. I was raised on Star Wars and found Star Trek on my own. So, I was excited as soon as I saw the cover of this book. That being said, sometimes science fiction bogs me down with too much detail about the tech. That is not the case in Solaris.

The expensive chip implanted in her C1 vertebra connected with the Streaker and the artificial lens in her right eye–the Zeus corporation Optical Display, or ZOD.

See what I mean? This is the perfect blend of info and story. I know what it is, and I know what it does. We don’t need to hear about the chips processors to understand how it works. Also, freaking fascinating!

This story has it all. Smugglers, space fights, on planet fights, magic. It’s like it was made for me! Did I mention awesome shape shifting? Check this out:

As Rance watched, his face shifted, morphing with a slight shimmer into fairer skin, a few freckles, and a more rounded nose. Then his dark hair turned wavy brown.

I’m not going to tell you who is shifting, or why. You need to buy the book just like I did.

The best part of all(for me) is that the captain is a woman! Rance is an amazing captain and she kicks ass too. I could give you a thousand more quotes, but instead I let TM Catron tell us more about the story. As always, anything in bold is from me.

I came up with the main character just out of the blue one day. I wanted to do something different than my post-apocalyptic stuff, something more light-hearted and funny.[By funny, she means hilarious. I laughed out load and scared my dog a few times] And I love the feeling you get from a crew of friends who also get on each other’s nerves. So Rance just happened while I was vacuuming the house one day. I stopped vacuuming [note to self vacuum more], sat down, and wrote the first chapter without any plot in mind, and then Harrison just appeared, and then the whole thing about the arranged marriage, and voila! After that, I went back and expanded, and then plotted out the rest of the story. The setting I really wanted a far future ship because those kinds of worlds fascinate me (and they’re just fun). [Planet with purple sand!!!] I can make up history. That’s fun too. One thing to take away from the story is that a strong woman is still vulnerable. [Preach!] Sometimes she’s strong because of those vulnerabilities. With the right friends, everything seems like an adventure. [Is this the series tagline? It definitely rocks my socks.]

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