Do You Love Pinterest? I do!

If you haven’t seen my little widget on the sideline, you might not know how much I adore Pinterest. I don’t even know if adore is a strong enough word.

I started out on Pinterest just like everyone else. I looked at outfits, hairstyles, and recipes. Life was good. All was well in the world.

Then I started looking at cool art and weird facts. My world exploded! How did I live before this?

Now, I have over 4500 pins. I even discovered interests that I didn’t know I had like abandoned places. For some reason, I am drawn to them. Asylums seem to be the coolest. I can’t lie, I’m a huge chicken. I don’t think that I would ever go in to an abandoned anything, but a girl can dream.

I also have boards for different stories that I write. My writing is inspired by cool images and strange news. You will find all of that on my boards. I also have boards dedicated to series inspiration. Check out my Hell and Earth board to find out what inspired me to write those stories.

I pin something new every day. I can’t seem to stop.

Do you use Pinterest? We should follow each other! Find me here.

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