Primed to Publish

Things are about to change around here! I am knee deep in an awesome writing workshop called Pheonix Prime. I am learning a lot. But, more importantly, I’m writing more than ever. By April, I will have at least 35 more stories published! 

Here’s the overview:

        Phoenix Prime is a Ph.D. level workshop that spans approximately four months. It uses applied industrial psychology to address components of writing, marketing, branding, business and contract issues, productivity, etc. that combine Creative Writing and business perspectives.
 The participants will create a portfolio to showcase their work alongside students in doctoral programs in several major universities. The objective, in addition to expanding the professional growth of all the participants, is to study the impact of the independent author-publisher on the commercial fiction industry.
 TL;DR – if your friend is in this program, they will be planting roots in their office chair. Be kind. Bring snacks. They’ll come up for air sometime in April. Keep an eye out for new books!

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