Tools I Use: Evernote



I love making lists. I also love losing lists. I have tried a lot of list making apps and websites. I keep a notebook in my purse. I have a dry erase board and a bulletin board in my office. But, I still need somewhere to keep everything. That is where Evernote comes in. Plus, it’s free. I love free stuff.

I am not the most effective user. Seriously. I am probably the worst. But, right now it keeps me kind of on track. I tried the Getting Thigs Done Method, it worked for about 3 days. The main thing that you should know about me is that I am lazy. So, I am not into making a lot of follow-up options and tags and whatnot.  I also am not good with sticking to deadlines.

My basic approach is to make a notebook. My most visited notebook write now is Writing Ideas. Huge surprise, I know. In the notebook, I can save any articles that I come across on the internet or on apps on my phone. I can also make text notes, voice notes, hand written notes, and save photos. It’s cross platform, so I can access it anywhere. This really comes in handy for the holidays too.

I make a ton of lists, save all kinds of stuff, and type out little story fragments. I also take pictures of hand written notes from time to time. Then, I immediately forget about them. Completely. It’s as if they never existed. Like I said, I am not the most effective user. But, one day when I have some extra time, I go through it. Evernote is searchable, so I just type in a notebook name or a topic. I find all kinds of fun stuff. Lists of titles and weird names are a treasure trove.

I imagine that this is a great idea for a person who is super organized. You can make tags, reminders, add shortcuts, and more. I use tags. I really only have a handful, but it still comes in handy. When I’m writing something new and I need a setting. I check out the tab. Boom! Settings!

Check it out, see if you like. If you like it, use it. If you hate it, don’t. If you have something that works better, drop it in the comments and I’ll give it a shot.