Free Fiction Friday Snippet: Cupcakes, Cauldrons, and Cadavers

I am deep in the edits for Cupcakes, Cauldrons, and Cadavers. This is my first time writing a cozy paranormal mystery. It’s been a lot of fun, but I had no idea how hard it was to lay in clues.

Who would have thought that binge watching Supernatural, Psych, and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries wasn’t enough research? Not me.

Read on for a snippet and let me know what you think! Editing is still in progress.

I had a simple layout that I like to use. I had a plate full of beautiful glass beads that held four candles because they were good for anything. There were little statues of the Goddess and the God that I set up beside a water Himalayan salt lamp. I kept a lovely little trunk full of the rest of my supplies that I could pull out at a moment’s notice.

In this case, I was going to need my scrying mirror. It’s a standard black mirror with a non-reflective surface. It helps me to see the truth. I hadn’t done any scrying work in a while, so I needed to warm up. The best place to start would be the dog’s name. I couldn’t continue to call him “the dog.” That was specious and rude.

Before I got started, I explained to the dog that I would need to concentrate. There was no barking allowed while I was in the circle. He sat down obediently as if he understood the importance of what I was saying. I drew the blinds to darken the room, lit my candles, and cast my circle.

Gazing into my scrying mirror, I said the spell to make it reveal the truth. I focused on the dog and a running list of baby names that I always kept. Don’t judge me. People have different hobbies. Mine was collecting baby names. You never know when a good name will come in handy.

The images that came back to me were quite interesting. Next to the dog. I can see him running after sticks or chasing strange smells. I saw fire, but he didn’t seem to be in any danger.

Then the name hit me it almost seemed to yell in my ears, Angelo.

I heard stirring behind me and saw the dog was waiting expectantly. But, true to his word, he didn’t bark while I was in the circle. Once I was done with my scrying, I would test it out, but I was pretty sure this was the correct name.

Next, I moved into the body in the bakery. I didn’t have much to go on. We knew his name, so I didn’t think that would help, what I wanted to see was the killer. I focused on the man slumped over the silent bakery and the cupcake rolling away. I saw a lot of anger, animosity, but not towards the man. Towards Mr. Quinn. Dark shaded, eyes dirty looks, and watching a pretty girl.


ETA: It’s live now! Check out the link!

Cupcakes, Cauldrons, and Cadavers (Witchy Bakery Book 1)