WIP – The Raving Ones

The Raving Ones


My current work in progress is  one of my short stories. It’s called The Raving Ones. It’s about a man who gets in a fight with his girlfriend and goes for a walk in the woods. In the woods he discovers a group of Maenads, and they are way more than he is ready for.

I love interesting tidbits of random information. So, when I stumbled across Maenads in a book I picked up one day, it sparked something.

I originally wrote this story as a flash fiction attempt. It was just over 500 words. Writing short isn’t one of my strong points, so I wrote it as an experiment. I thought it needed a little something more.  My critique partners thought the same thing. So, I pulled it back out and reworked it. It is going much better. You can find it online in May. Check out my Books page for more info.

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