Trying My Hand at Westerns

Here comes another anthology! Shippeitaro is a Japanese fairy tale that I found fascinating. You can see info about the original here.

I wanted to do a fairy tale retelling. But, I wasn’t sure how to pull it off.

You might not know this, but I love westerns. LOVE them. Since the first time my grandfather handed me a Louis Lamour hardcover, I was hooked.

This led me to write a gender bent western about a black woman named Sloan. She is pretty bad ass if I do say so myself.

Check out my story, Whiskey and Cinnamon, in Shippeitaro (Primed Fairy Tales).

Check out Gray Intention in Prime Fantasy

Gray Intention was one of the first stories that I wrote after joining Phoenix Prime.

The assignment was a new experience for me. We were all given a set of items that we needed to use in our stories. Each story had to feature a bookstore, magic, and an artifact that reacted to blood.

Here is a sneak peak of what I came up with:

As we rounded the corner to our room, we saw a purple glow coming from under the door. We both stopped, and turned to look at each other, alarmed.

“Do you see that? Or, have I just lost a lot more blood than I thought?”

“I see it. Who the hell is in our room?” Kiki asked.

“How should I know? I’m with you. Maybe it’s the guys.”

I slowly opened the door, and felt the same warm gust of air that I had felt in the bookstore blow past me again. It didn’t push me away this time though. I was curious about that strange power.

“Maybe we shouldn’t even go in there. We could call the cops or something.”

“And say what exactly? Hey, I need help with my glowing box. I promise you that will not go well. I don’t think you have a choice now. Put your ovaries on the outside and get in there,” Kiki said.

“Said the girl from the hallway,” I muttered.

“Not my box. Not my problem,” she said.

I opened the door, and crept towards the package. My hands were shaking. When I took it out of bag, the glow got brighter. I unwrapped the twine. The paper fell away. The whole box was dark brown from my blood Gold symbols glowed on the surface. Purple light was leaking out of the edges. I opened the box, and inside was a gold railroad spike bent into a bracelet. It was the source of the glow.

“Bit of a letdown, to be honest.”

“Shut up, Kiki. I think I have to put it on.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” she said.

“I didn’t ask. For the record, I didn’t want to come in here. I was just fine panicking in the hallway.”

I picked it up. The bracelet was warm to the touch. I placed it on my right wrist. My cut began to throb. My arm shot up, as if pulled by a string. The wound began emitting the same purple light as the bracelet. I watched in amazement. A booming laugh thundered around us. I could hear footsteps pounding down the hallway behind me moments before a giant man appeared in front of me. As soon as he appeared, my arm dropped back to my side.

“They told me you would come for me little one,” he said, in a thunderous voice.

I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it! Check it out here: Prime Fantasy (Prime Tales)

New Release: Half Sight

OK. You got me. Technically, it’s more of a re-release. Some of you may remember that I was in a boxed set called Rebels and Runes. It was my first boxed set and it was a great experience!

Once the publication came down, I could publish it myself. So, here it is! As always, this amazing cover was made by Emely at Broso Book Covers. I love it!

I posted a snippet on a previous post, which you can find here.

It’s $0.99 on Amazon and FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Half Sight: Part of the Hell and Earth Series (Tales From Earth Book 3)

Are you ready for the Blackout?

I have a story in a new anthology! The anthology is called CyberWar: Digital Battlefield (CyberPrime). All the stories in this anthology deal with cyber crimes and their effects on the people around them. All you have to do is turn on the news to find ransomware viruses and info leaks. So, why not find some in fiction?

This will be the first story in my Silent Spies series. Read on for a snippet!

Two days before the Blackout, Tricia hacked the prison database to move up the release of two prominent activists. She was able to bypass the intrusion detection system by using a prison employee’s account. Both activists were released without a hitch, and no one even questioned it. Fools.

They hit the ground running. Once the activists received word of the Blackout, they were drumming up support from their followers as well. They helped to quell any fears about it being an attack staged by the police.

The safe release of the activists was all Tricia needed to go ahead with her plan. She had been working on a virus for weeks. Until she had fully committed to the idea, she had told herself building the virus was for research. She was trained in ethical hacking and security, so it wasn’t too much of a stretch. Now, she had to admit to herself that she created this purposely.


Story Spotlight: Solaris

Solaris is the first book in the Star Streaker series by TM Catron. If you like Firefly or Hans Solo from Star Wars, I think this is going to be the book for you!

I am a bit of a science fiction nerd. OK, fine. I’m a huge science fiction nerd. I was raised on Star Wars and found Star Trek on my own. So, I was excited as soon as I saw the cover of this book. That being said, sometimes science fiction bogs me down with too much detail about the tech. That is not the case in Solaris.

The expensive chip implanted in her C1 vertebra connected with the Streaker and the artificial lens in her right eye–the Zeus corporation Optical Display, or ZOD.

See what I mean? This is the perfect blend of info and story. I know what it is, and I know what it does. We don’t need to hear about the chips processors to understand how it works. Also, freaking fascinating!

This story has it all. Smugglers, space fights, on planet fights, magic. It’s like it was made for me! Did I mention awesome shape shifting? Check this out:

As Rance watched, his face shifted, morphing with a slight shimmer into fairer skin, a few freckles, and a more rounded nose. Then his dark hair turned wavy brown.

I’m not going to tell you who is shifting, or why. You need to buy the book just like I did.

The best part of all(for me) is that the captain is a woman! Rance is an amazing captain and she kicks ass too. I could give you a thousand more quotes, but instead I let TM Catron tell us more about the story. As always, anything in bold is from me.

I came up with the main character just out of the blue one day. I wanted to do something different than my post-apocalyptic stuff, something more light-hearted and funny.[By funny, she means hilarious. I laughed out load and scared my dog a few times] And I love the feeling you get from a crew of friends who also get on each other’s nerves. So Rance just happened while I was vacuuming the house one day. I stopped vacuuming [note to self vacuum more], sat down, and wrote the first chapter without any plot in mind, and then Harrison just appeared, and then the whole thing about the arranged marriage, and voila! After that, I went back and expanded, and then plotted out the rest of the story. The setting I really wanted a far future ship because those kinds of worlds fascinate me (and they’re just fun). [Planet with purple sand!!!] I can make up history. That’s fun too. One thing to take away from the story is that a strong woman is still vulnerable. [Preach!] Sometimes she’s strong because of those vulnerabilities. With the right friends, everything seems like an adventure. [Is this the series tagline? It definitely rocks my socks.]

Star Streaker Series

Exclusive to Amazon and Free on Kindle Unlimited

Shadowmark Series

Exclusive to Amazon and Free on Kindle Unlimited

Phoenix Galactic Anthology

Exclusive to Amazon and Free on Kindle Unlimited


Read her awesome stories today!

Cover Update: Stumbling Through Time

 Isn’t she a pretty one?

I was making merchandise for a short story in an anthology called Phoenix Galactic.

The story is called The Gift of Time. It’s about Reva. She is the one who gave Laveau the bloodstone in Stumbling Through Time. It’s a little bit of her back story mixed with her encounter with Laveau from her point of view.

As I was prepping some merchandise to promote the story, I came up with the photo concept you see on the cover. I fell in love with it, and my fellow Phoenix Prime authors liked it too.

Then, I started thinking. That’s dangerous because I can get carried away.

I made the cover of Stumbling Through Time in January. Since then, I’ve learned my way around cover design a bit more.  I also have a better idea of how to translate what’s in my head to the page.

It was fun. I hope you like it!

I’ve Risen from the Ashes

The competition of Phoenix Prime has come to an end. If you’re not familiar with Phoenix Prime, I wrote about it here.

It was supposed to last for four months but ended up being closer to six. It was an intensive workshop that taught me about writing, marketing, contracts, and a million other things. There was a competitive aspect too, but that is a blog for a different time.

I’ve met amazing writers, authors, editors, and beta readers. Not everyone made it through to the end, but everyone involved has grown. I’m even outlining now. I never thought I would see that day, lol.

Since January, I have written over 90,000 words. That’s more than I’ve written in my entire life! I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck, but in a good way.

I am in the process of writing Reign with Dick and Jane. I think it will be the final book in the Hell and Earth series. No promises. I have at least one story set in that universe coming out in the next few weeks.

So, what now? I’m glad you asked.

I have stories coming out in 10 anthologies this summer. I have 4 more series planned that cover approximately 45 books. There will be some audio book versions of these books, and ones that I already have published. I think there a few cookbooks in there too. I don’t know if I’ll get them all published this year, but I’m sure going to try!

When I put up The Raving Ones for free about a year ago, I just hoped someone would read it. I’m proud to have come so far.

Phoenix Prime has changed my life. I can not thank our mighty dragon, Kat Lind, enough. Special thanks to TS Paul, the Ds, and all the rest of the people who have helped me shape my ideas into something magnificent!

Snippets for Everyone: Topside with Dick and Jane

I have a new preorder! I set up preorders to give myself a deadline. In this case, the deadline is set to get the book out in the world. I actually had most of this story written when I released Hell with Dick and Jane. I was dragging my feet to get it done. So, I put it on preorder to hold myself accountable. It was interesting to write about Dick and Jane adjusting to life together Topside.

How do you think demons would fit in on Earth. Would you go the route of Supernatural? Hell with Dick and Jane? Or, would you do something totally different? The following unedited snippet is what I came up with.

We had to hide those horns right away. Even if you didn’t go anywhere, a delivery guy could see them.  Or even worse, a neighbor.  Dick was against That idea from the very  first suggestion. we  had such a fight. But, there is no way he could leave the house with  huge horns.  He just wanted to go around being invisible, but I don’t want to walk around talking to myself. Plus I wanted him to get out and get active. If you stuck your permanently, you might want to make a life for himself.

As a manager in Inferno, horns were a status symbol. I controlled my horns with my magic, but I was half human. Full blooded demons  grow their horns throughout their whole lives. Dick’s were quite impressive. They grew out of the front of his  and they were jet black. He kept his haircut low in a Caesar. His horns framed his head  and curved towards the back of it and then came out to a subtle point,  nothing too sharp. They were at least two feet long. They were quite beautiful. The black horns were a stark contrast between to his tawny brown skin.

While they may be attractive, they would definitely stand out. So, they had to go. He wanted me to just use a simple glamour on them, but the problem with that was if we came in contact with any other witches they  might be able to see them.  Or, at least sense them.  So more drastic measures needed to be taken.

I said this spell to unfurl my wand. His eyes widened in amazement. He had never actually seen me do the spell before. Once my wand was that full-length, I used it to take measure of his energy. the demon vibes were strong with this one. The only way for me to hide his horns would be to hide his true spirit. He hated the idea that so we decided to do a top-secret spell I was really good at using this when I was a teenager basically we were going to force his horns inside. When I explained to him how the process worked he was horrified. It was definitely going to be painful. [[insert spell work here]

when I was finished, I had  him look in the mirror. he looked at himself in stunned silence.  At first I thought he might cry. But he was naturally vain, so after turning his head to and fro.

“Well it does make for a smooth profile.”

I sighed and rolled my eyes. Maybe this would be easier than we thought.

“I look like one of your filthy human friends,” he said.

So much for easy I guess.

“Humans aren’t all filthy, as you well know. You told me you accepted my human side once,” I said.

It seems so long ago now that we were talking about what we needed to make our relationship work.

“of course your human side because you had a better, demon side. I just feel like a monkey in a suit”

“I’m so sorry that you have to settle for looking like one of us. But, if you want to live through the day you have to blend in.”

Dick scoffed and said, “live through the day? As if any of these humans could affect me.”

“There are more than just humans here. there are witches and warlocks and all kinds of beings. you’re not a special snowflake.”

“I think you know just how special I am,” he said.

If only he would let me forget. He was special. But today, he was being a special pain in my ass.

Topside With Dick and Jane (Hell and Earth Book 2) is on preorder now.

New Release: Dick the Demon

I am on a publishing roll! I released Dick the Demon yesterday. Full disclosure, I have not been writing these stories as fast as they’re appearing. I’ve been writing this series since February. Between picking covers, and editing, it takes some time for them to get to publication.

This story was a character study. I just wanted to get to know Dick a little better. This story did the trick. It was fun to write, and I got to put in something that freaks me out too. Clowns! *shudders* We won’t get into that.

Anyway, I got to peek inside Dick’s life. Do you want one too?


Dick could push the envelope a little bit. For example, last week there was a man petrified of clowns. Dick wasn’t allowed to have the torture consist only of scaring the man with clowns. He made sure that every aspect of the torture was carried out by someone dressed as a clown, or subtly giving a nod to clowns. He would have one torturer wearing clown shoes. Another would have the white face makeup and the sad face of the European clown. But only one, the final one, would be in full clown regalia.

The results were fantastic until the brass found out. Dick was ordered to go back to business as usual. They didn’t want anyone making a mockery of the torturers. Unbeknownst to the higher-ups, Dick’s employees had a great time. It even boosted office morale for the brief period that it took place.

If you want to pick it up, it’s live on Amazon. Dick the Demon: Part of the Hell and Earth Series (Tales from Hell Book 2)