New Release: Cupcakes, Cauldrons, and Cadavers

It’s here!

Cupcakes, Cauldrons, and Cadavers (Witchy Bakery Book 1)is for sale now!

Tired of living her life in the broom closet, Nova Bell left her old life behind. She’s hoping that life in the charming town of Temperance, RI will let her live out her witchy ways in peace. Life was great until a man turned up dead at her favorite bakery.

Now, she has nowhere to satisfy her sweet tooth and a cupcake might be the culprit! The local police are getting nowhere. Nova has no choice but to dust off her cauldron and solve the case. With her brave dog by her side, Nova is willing to risk it all to reopen the Bewitching Bakery.

Enjoy the first book in the Witchy Bakery series!

Free Fiction Friday Snippet: Cupcakes, Cauldrons, and Cadavers

I am deep in the edits for Cupcakes, Cauldrons, and Cadavers. This is my first time writing a cozy paranormal mystery. It’s been a lot of fun, but I had no idea how hard it was to lay in clues.

Who would have thought that binge watching Supernatural, Psych, and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries wasn’t enough research? Not me.

Read on for a snippet and let me know what you think! Editing is still in progress.

I had a simple layout that I like to use. I had a plate full of beautiful glass beads that held four candles because they were good for anything. There were little statues of the Goddess and the God that I set up beside a water Himalayan salt lamp. I kept a lovely little trunk full of the rest of my supplies that I could pull out at a moment’s notice.

In this case, I was going to need my scrying mirror. It’s a standard black mirror with a non-reflective surface. It helps me to see the truth. I hadn’t done any scrying work in a while, so I needed to warm up. The best place to start would be the dog’s name. I couldn’t continue to call him “the dog.” That was specious and rude.

Before I got started, I explained to the dog that I would need to concentrate. There was no barking allowed while I was in the circle. He sat down obediently as if he understood the importance of what I was saying. I drew the blinds to darken the room, lit my candles, and cast my circle.

Gazing into my scrying mirror, I said the spell to make it reveal the truth. I focused on the dog and a running list of baby names that I always kept. Don’t judge me. People have different hobbies. Mine was collecting baby names. You never know when a good name will come in handy.

The images that came back to me were quite interesting. Next to the dog. I can see him running after sticks or chasing strange smells. I saw fire, but he didn’t seem to be in any danger.

Then the name hit me it almost seemed to yell in my ears, Angelo.

I heard stirring behind me and saw the dog was waiting expectantly. But, true to his word, he didn’t bark while I was in the circle. Once I was done with my scrying, I would test it out, but I was pretty sure this was the correct name.

Next, I moved into the body in the bakery. I didn’t have much to go on. We knew his name, so I didn’t think that would help, what I wanted to see was the killer. I focused on the man slumped over the silent bakery and the cupcake rolling away. I saw a lot of anger, animosity, but not towards the man. Towards Mr. Quinn. Dark shaded, eyes dirty looks, and watching a pretty girl.


ETA: It’s live now! Check out the link!

Cupcakes, Cauldrons, and Cadavers (Witchy Bakery Book 1)

Free Fiction Friday: Matter of Time

Matter of Time

A Fire and Bloodstone Story

by Naomi Muse ©2017

Laveau gripped his bloodstone tightly in his fist. His accidental venture into time travel hadn’t gone so well the last time, but he was ready to try again. He stepped into the fire. He wanted to see where he would end up. The flames blazed bright purple around him, and he saw the red flecks in his bloodstone begin to glow. Then, as before, everything went black.

He came to on the side of the road. The magnolia trees let him know that he was still somewhere in Louisiana. Or, at the very least, the South.

He stepped into the street to try and determine which way to head to find civilization. A horn blared behind him. He turned to see a 1930s style Ford bearing down on him. There was no time for him to move to safety. He froze. The car screeched to a halt in front of him. The driver rolled down his window and stuck his head out.

“Hey, genius! Get out of the road. What are you lost?”

Laveau snapped out of his trance and jumped back. The driver’s hair was slicked back. He was wearing a white button-down shirt. Something about him seemed familiar.

“Where am I?” Laveau asked.

A woman leaned over the driver. She was wearing a black beret over simply styled hair. She wore a cardigan to match her hat and had a cigarette dangling from her lip.

“Are you lost? Can we give you a lift?” she asked.

“Are you crazy? The coppers are on our trail,” the driver yelled.

“The cops are looking for the two of us. One more guy will throw them off. Especially this guy,” the woman said, motioning to Laveau.

Laveau was sure that she meant especially having a black man riding with them. He got the distinct feeling that he was in an intolerant time. He didn’t want to go anywhere with them. The guy seemed to have a hot temper. Plus, Laveau had enough problems with getting in trouble with the police. Laveau could only travel by fire, and he doubted that there were many opportunities to set a fire in prison.

“Thanks for the offer, but I’m fine. I’ll just be going on my way,” he replied.

The driver squinted at him and scratched his chin. He reached into his lap and pulled his hand back up holding a handgun. It looked like a revolver. He pointed it straight at Laveau’s head. Laveau stumbled back a few steps in surprise.

“See, the thing is, now you’ve seen my face. I can’t have you running your mouth. I’m sure the police would love to have a talk with you. How about you climb on in. Bonnie, get in the backseat. Let me and this guy get acquainted.”

The woman, Bonnie, clapped her hands and did as she was asked. Laveau got in the car and instinctively reached into his pocket for his bloodstone.

“Whoa there guy,” the driver said. “I hope you are not planning on pulling out a heater. That could get messy.”

“No, nothing like that I assure you,” Laveau said.

He slowly pulled out the bloodstone and showed it to the driver.

“A lucky rock? I get it,” the man said, with a laugh. “I’m Clyde. This is Bonnie. Who the hell are you?”

Laveau looked down and saw that Clyde held the gun in his lap still pointed in his direction. He swallowed hard. He introduced himself while putting the bloodstone back in his pocket. Miss Marie had told him the stone would keep him safe on his travels. But Laveau didn’t feel too safe right now.

He looked over his shoulder and nodded to Bonnie while squinting to see if there were any cops in the distance. Laveau suddenly figured out where he was. He was still in Louisiana somewhere, in the early 1930s. The car could have been remodeled sure, but there was no mistaking Bonnie and Clyde. Continue reading

The Message: Shadowed Light

Once again, I was part of a cool writing experiment. While we were at our conference, my writing group took part in Inanna’s Circle Game.

We were given several characters, prompts, and settings to try and work into a story. I made it to seven options.

My story is called The Message. This is the start of a cool new steampunk series that goes in a direction that you wouldn’t expect.

Brace yourself for some steampunk, shifters, treasure hunting, and a hot new locale!

Harun was frantic. There was nowhere to hide in an open-air market. Nowhere but the airship. The ship’s guards were busy chasing off troublesome children and didn’t see Harun slip past. He hurried to the passenger compartment of the ship. Looking back, he saw the giant horse trying to force its way on to the airship. The guards returned and forced the creature back.

During the struggle, Harun noticed a glint of metal on the beasts face. Squinting his eyes, he saw that there were gears attached to the horse’s head connecting to some metal device. This discovery confused Harun. Was the animal half machine? Or, was it under someone else’s control?

I have a lot of new things in the work for 2018, I figured ending this year strong would be a good move. Read The Message in Shadowed Light today!

Reign with Dick and Jane – A snippet & a sale!

Reign with Dick and Jane (Hell and Earth Book 3) is live!

I feel like this one was a long time coming. It was fun to wrap up this storyline. This also marks the completion of my first series!!

In honor of this momentous occasion, I have two surprises for you.

Thing 1: a snippet!

“You can’t come to my house and tell me what to do.”

He tried to get up and leave, but my spell stopped him. It took a few tries before he realized that it must’ve been something I’ve done. He didn’t like that.

“Jane Diaboloso, you release me.”

“You’re not bound here. Be glad I didn’t use the Devil’s Trap. The both of you simply must sit here until we work out the details. Then, you’re more than welcome to go on your way.”

“What kind of woman uses witchcraft on her father?”

“What kind of woman has the devil for a father?” I asked, raising an eyebrow and continuing to eat my meal.

He fell silent and started sulking. Dick then tried to get up and saw that he was bound too.

“I didn’t even do anything wrong. Why am I bound here?”

“Because you don’t listen. I just said that both of you are bound here until we come to an agreement so who’s going to go first?”

They sulked while eating their food. Dick and Dad were upset, but not too upset to eat. They were never too upset to eat.

“Fine. If neither one of you wants to put forth any effort into this, I’m going to make the plans. And if I make the plans you don’t have a say. So, first things first. If we’re going to be running Hell together, we can’t be living with my father.”

“And just where you think you’re going to go,” Lucifer asked.

“Nowhere. You’re out. After dinner feel free to pack your things.”

The table in front of Dad burst into flames.

Putting Lucifer out of his own house is a bold move. You’ll have to read the story to see how that plays out!

Thing 2: a sale!

Starting tomorrow, Hell With Dick and Jane (Hell and Earth Book 1) goes on sale for $0.99! The sale is only for 5 days, so get it while it’s hot!

Honestly, how sexy is this series image?

Too sexy!



New Release: The Final Plunge

Remember Linda from Hell with Dick and Jane? Well, she has her own series!

Welcome to the world of The Final Witch.

Crime and magic aren’t always black and white.
Detective Linda Cassidy moved to Michigan to get away from the supernatural side and stick to solving crimes. But, when she’s called to investigate a murder in a creepy gated community, she realizes she might have to do some paranormal police work.
In a strange neighborhood with no witnesses, solving the plumber’s murder is going to take all she’s got. With her partner watching her every move, Linda has to stay on her toes.
Can Linda solve the crime while keeping her magic side hidden from her partner?

Find out here: The Final Plunge (Final Witch Book 1)

Snippet from The Furious Prince


In case you haven’t heard, The Imp Prince released over the weekend!

I have a story in it called The Furious Prince. This story was my first foray into the techmage genre. Techmage is a mashup of science fiction and fantasy.

The Furious Prince is is another fairy tale retelling. You can find the original story on Wikipedia here. In this story, you will meet Furibon, a prince on a faraway planet. Despised by his father and most of his subjects, he hides his magical gifts until his sister is abducted. Check out the snippet below:

It was dusk, so the visibility was still good in the forest. Dusk was best because we had two suns that set within two hours of each other. That left me a good time to get my frustrations out. I strapped my resonator onto my face, and felt relieved as the straps clicked into place behind my head. It felt good to have something that I could control.

I focused my intention on my anger. I felt it welling up inside of me. When I began to sing, two feet in front of me a black and red fractal took shape. As it rushed away from me, the bushes in front of me caught flame. The fire out here wouldn’t be as dangerous as one closer to our lands. There were no homes out here that we had to concern ourselves with. Fire suppression drones were set to auto-deploy if the fire didn’t burn itself out.

I was still singing when I thought of Andre’s pretty face. The fractal that appeared before me was the teal blue of his skin combined with the blue-black tones of his hair. It twisted and turned into shape. I thrust it away from me, shattering the trunks of several trees. They splintered like robots falling on pavement. The tops of the trees looked out of place strewn all over the ground.

I heard footsteps behind me as though someone was trying to sneak up on me. I whirled around, and saw Andre’s face. He was half hidden behind a tree. I ceased my song.

“It looks like this planet is hiding more than just pretty princesses.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I was merely taking a walk. The question is, what are you doing here? Something tells me that the king doesn’t know about this. I would be greatly rewarded if he were to find out,” he said. That vile sneer was forming on his lips once again.

“I don’t think he will find out.”

“Oh? Don’t you? What will you do to encourage me to keep your secret?”

“I think I’ll ask you to leave. Leave this planet. I don’t know what you have planned, but I doubt it’s anything good.”

“Oh, but it’s magnificent. I plan to rule this planet. I’ll start by taking your sister. Perhaps, I’ll even give your lovely mother a try.”

If you want to read more, check out The Imp Prince (Primed Fairy Tales Book 2)!

Tales From Hell & Earth and Paperbacks

The amazing Emely from Broso Book Covers has done it again. I literally told her what stories that I was putting together and this what she came up with. We definitely have some sort of Vulcan mind meld going on.

I decided to take all of my Tales from Hell and Earth Short Stories and put them in one ebook. I also have a paperback version coming out! The paperback version has a bonus story from one of my upcoming anthologies too.

Inside you will find:

  • Confessions of a Teenage Demon
  • Daddy’s Girl
  • Defective Demon
  • Coven Loven
  • Half Sight
  • Dick the Demon
  • Dani and the Goblin (print only)

You can find it here!

In print news, all of the Phoenix Prime anthologies that I have been in are being offered as print books! Click any of the covers below to check out their print pages.