Tales From Hell & Earth and Paperbacks

The amazing Emely from Broso Book Covers has done it again. I literally told her what stories that I was putting together and this what she came up with. We definitely have some sort of Vulcan mind meld going on.

I decided to take all of my Tales from Hell and Earth Short Stories and put them in one ebook. I also have a paperback version coming out! The paperback version has a bonus story from one of my upcoming anthologies too.

Inside you will find:

  • Confessions of a Teenage Demon
  • Daddy’s Girl
  • Defective Demon
  • Coven Loven
  • Half Sight
  • Dick the Demon
  • Dani and the Goblin (print only)

You can find it here!

In print news, all of the Phoenix Prime anthologies that I have been in are being offered as print books! Click any of the covers below to check out their print pages.

Cover Reveal: Coven Lovin

(Trumpet Sounds) It has arrived!

Too dramatic? Maybe. I just love this cover. To be honest. I love all of the covers that Emely makes for me. There will be a blog post about my amazing cover designer coming soon.

In the meantime I give you this masterpiece. I put a tease online a few weeks ago with just the title.  I was planning on waiting until the release day to post the fill cover, but I couldn’t wait. Release day is May 10th!

Coven Lovin was my first attempt to write a sweet story. Here’s the blurb:

Psychic witches don’t have all the answers…

Sophia uses her witchy gifts to help people. They are more likely to take her help if they believe she is nothing more than a psychic. But, when a new client comes to her for help with a small man running wild in her house, she has no idea what to do. Will the dashing new warlock in town be able to help her? Or, will he continue to brush her off?