Time for a Freebie!

Hello Musers!

You remember Jane, right? The main character in Hell With Dick and Jane? Good.

When I was writing that story, I had to come up with some background for Jane. I had to build up her life before she went back to Hell to help her father.

So, I wrote My Life as a Teenage Demon. It was a lot of fun. I happen to have a some experience as a teenage girl. I was a normal, human teenage girl, but it helped enrich my writing just the same.

It’s short, sweet, and free! You can find it on Instafreebie today!

Snippet Time! Hell With Dick and Jane

I have finally reached the point where I’m ready to publish the main  book in my Hell and Earth series. I came up with the idea while working at my day job one day. It was a classic what-if scenario. What if the devil had a daughter with a witch? That’s how we I discovered Jane. Enough of my typing. Here’s your sneak peak!

After our meeting, I hopped on the highway and headed for Jersey. If I was going to visit as a regular old demon, I had to take the Demon’s Gate. Based on the smell, I could tell I was getting close. It smelled like rot, with a thick layer of sulfur. A lot of people thought that the smell was just Jersey. Others thought it was a nearby landfill. All of them were wrong. A hell mouth is a foul-smelling place.

I headed for the oldest graveyard. Our doorway was hidden in one of the crumbling crypts. There were no gargoyles or statues on the outside. It was gray and weather worn. The crypt unkempt, with ivy snaking up the walls. There was no lock on the door, but one of the large stone doors hung on the frame at an odd angle. It threatened to fall on anyone who passed beneath it. If the look and the smell of it weren’t enough to keep trespassers at bay, there was the silence.

Anyone coming within five feet of the crypt was enveloped in a suffocating silence. All other sounds faded away. It was so silent that I could hear my heartbeat. I pushed the broken door as it groaned and creaked in protest. It was pitch black inside, but I had been through this often enough to know where I was going. I walked straight about ten paces. When I stretched out my hand, I touched the back wall of the crypt. It was hot to the touch.

I reached under my jacket and pulled my dagger from the holster. A girl could never be too safe. I quickly sliced across the palm of my right palm. I grimaced at the pain, but it would be short-lived. I wiped my dagger on my jeans before placing it back in the holster. I cupped my hand to get a decent pool of blood, then dipped my fingers from my left hand into the blood and made the sigil for Lucifer on the wall.

The sigil began to glow, illuminating the crypt in red light. Then cracks began to appear, splintering out from the sigil. The cracks spread over the entire wall. The room began to shake. Pieces of the wall began to break off, falling back into an ever-widening red hole. When the entire wall had fallen away, black stairs heading down appeared. Dad always did have a flair for the dramatic.

I whispered a quick healing spell and watched the cut in my palm stitch itself back together. That would be the last of my white magic for a little while. I focused on the seed of evil that I was born with, and felt small horns push through my braids. I could change them depending on my mood. I chose a modest short black style to contrast with my shoulder length auburn braids. I took a deep breath and walked back into Hell.

Check out Hell With Dick and Jane (Hell and Earth Book 1) on preoder now!

Story Spotlight – A Tale of Magic and Sorrow

For my first Story Spotlight, I went with A Tale of Magic and Sorrow by Lee Hayton. Lee is a fellow Phoenix Prime author. Which means she is a great writer too. The story is a bit dark, but in the best possible way. She has such a way with imagery. By a way with imagery, I mean to say that she is a magician. One of my favorite short snippets:

As she fell silent, Nolan stared at the magic’s light. Each heartbeat sent crimson ripples out in waves, like a stone thrown into a pond. The blue wasn’t just blue, but indigo, violet, teal, and green. The gold formed a shimmering accent, pinpoints moving in set patterns like a sped-up night sky.

After I read it, I wanted to know more. As writer, I love to know how people come up with their stories. As I reader, I am nosy. I reached out to the Lee to get more information about the story. Below you will find her response. Anything in bold is from me.

I came up with the main character for this story when I was writing the description for the (now) second book in the World War Magic series, Bitter Magic. In that, I described true magic as being… “deep, dark, and dangerous. The stuff your great-great-grandfather fought against in blood-soaked battles to eradicate from the earth.” [See what I mean? Great writing] As soon as I wrote that down, I wanted to know more about the type of man who would fight a battle to eradicate magic from the world. Voila! Nolan Helmond was born.

The story was written as part of the Inanna’s Circle Game [brought to you by the creator of Phoenix Prime], where a series of snippets, settings, and character descriptions are provided by the organizer and at least one of each must be included in the story. For my setting, I chose the meadow that seems peaceful, but which on closer inspection has skeletons tangled in among the long grass and an inn run by a husband and wife. [She is not kidding about this. However, it came across as really beautiful to me.] They both fit in with my ideas at the time, and helped the story to grow and change. It went dark, man. I think this is the grimmest thing I’ve ever written, and my first two novels are about dead children. Yeah. Grimmer than that. [Grim in a good way for me.]

I’d like readers to take away a better sense of what to do when presented with a choice between the easy way and the right way. Nolan Helmond is a dickhead, people. Don’t be like Nolan. [Seriously, don’t.] Do, however, buy the next installment in the World War Magic series and embrace your inner grimness. You think this one is dark? Hoo boy. You don’t know what’s coming for you.

A Tale of Magic and Sorrow (World War Magic Book 1)
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Bitter Magic (World War Magic Book 2)

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Caged Magic (Part of the Rebels & Runes Boxset)

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The Last Magic Man

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Check out her stories!

Busy Busy Busy

Hello Musers,
I don’t know about you, but the last month has been a busy one for me. I have been writing and editing like crazy. If you want to see what I have in the works, check out my WIP page.

As you already know from this post, I am in the middle of the Phoenix Prime workshop and it has me working overtime! It is challenging, but I love every minute of it. The obvious results are my publications.

Last month, I was working on the Hell and Earth Series. Some of the stories are still in edits, and some are already published. Stay tuned for those new arrivals.

This month, I’m working on the Final Witch Series. It’s based around Linda from the Hell and Earth Series. She is a police detective who uses her witchcraft to solve crimes. I love weird and unsolved crimes, so I think this will be tons of fun to write.

Do you know of any strange crimes, or unsolved mysteries? Let me know in the comments! If I use it, I’ll thank you in the acknowledgments and name a character after you!

Rebels and Runes Anthology!

Hello Musers!

I told you big things were coming! I’m a part of this amazing new anthology on pre-order on Amazon. I’m writing in the presence of greatness y’all. Some of the other authors featured in this set are New York Times and USA today bestsellers. I am beyond excited.

What is it about? I’m glad you asked.

Take a trip to the future, or to the ruins of some of today’s great cities. Tales of magic, malice, mayhem, and a little bit of madness can be found in this collection. If you enjoy books containing shifting creatures, monsters, wizards, sorcery, and witches then this is the boxed set for you.

The official release date is March 28th. Pre-order today!

Free the Phoenix 

Hello Musers,

I told you big things were coming! If you want some free scifi stories, look no further! Head on over to Instafreebie and check out Phoenix Ascendent!

If you like time travel, my story is for you. While you’re there, be sure to check out the rest of the Phoenix Collection!

Stay tuned for more stories coming this weekend.

Primed to Publish

Things are about to change around here! I am knee deep in an awesome writing workshop called Pheonix Prime. I am learning a lot. But, more importantly, I’m writing more than ever. By April, I will have at least 35 more stories published! 

Here’s the overview:

        Phoenix Prime is a Ph.D. level workshop that spans approximately four months. It uses applied industrial psychology to address components of writing, marketing, branding, business and contract issues, productivity, etc. that combine Creative Writing and business perspectives.
 The participants will create a portfolio to showcase their work alongside students in doctoral programs in several major universities. The objective, in addition to expanding the professional growth of all the participants, is to study the impact of the independent author-publisher on the commercial fiction industry.
 TL;DR – if your friend is in this program, they will be planting roots in their office chair. Be kind. Bring snacks. They’ll come up for air sometime in April. Keep an eye out for new books!

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

To anyone who doesn’t watch Doctor Who: sorry. Basically, I’m talking about time travel!

I arbitrarily picked time travel as the main topic for my Nanowrimo 2016 novel. It was a genre that I love and wanted to try writing in. In order to be better prepared, I also read Write to Market by Chris Fox. After trying the research plan he suggests,I was thrilled to find that I had picked a good genre!

I’ll be doing more research until November. By which I mean watching movies and reading books. Tough life, I know. Lol.

I’ll be posting strong points in the movies and books I come across. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

False Starts

Looking back at the novels that I have tried to start I found one major commonality. I have taken writing prompts and written responses. Some have the responses have come out great. Because they are so great, I decide that they should be a novel. Or, at least, a longer work. Which has been failing for me. Another reason that this approach failed was pantsing. If you’re not familiar with what that is, it is writing via flying by the seat of your pants. So no preparation, no character work and no development. Pantsing can work for a few hundred words, but a few hundred pages is a whole different animal.. Some authors are able to do it well. I am not one of them.

At one point, I decided to write under a pseudonym and only publish prompt responses. I was bored before the week was out. There are an endless amount of writing prompts out there, so the possibility for material is endless. I will still be writing them to exercise my writing muscles. I’ll share the good ones here too.

The last thing that I have noticed about my false starts is losing interest in longer works. All of my research tells me that the middle of a novel is the most tedious. I have definitely found that to be true. I know that I can fix this by outlining a bit more and just powering through it. And that is exactly what I plan to do.