Busy Busy Busy

Hello Musers,
I don’t know about you, but the last month has been a busy one for me. I have been writing and editing like crazy. If you want to see what I have in the works, check out my WIP page.

As you already know from this post, I am in the middle of the Phoenix Prime workshop and it has me working overtime! It is challenging, but I love every minute of it. The obvious results are my publications.

Last month, I was working on the Hell and Earth Series. Some of the stories are still in edits, and some are already published. Stay tuned for those new arrivals.

This month, I’m working on the Final Witch Series. It’s based around Linda from the Hell and Earth Series. She is a police detective who uses her witchcraft to solve crimes. I love weird and unsolved crimes, so I think this will be tons of fun to write.

Do you know of any strange crimes, or unsolved mysteries? Let me know in the comments! If I use it, I’ll thank you in the acknowledgments and name a character after you!

Rebels and Runes Anthology!

Hello Musers!

I told you big things were coming! I’m a part of this amazing new anthology on pre-order on Amazon. I’m writing in the presence of greatness y’all. Some of the other authors featured in this set are New York Times and USA today bestsellers. I am beyond excited.

What is it about? I’m glad you asked.

Take a trip to the future, or to the ruins of some of today’s great cities. Tales of magic, malice, mayhem, and a little bit of madness can be found in this collection. If you enjoy books containing shifting creatures, monsters, wizards, sorcery, and witches then this is the boxed set for you.

The official release date is March 28th. Pre-order today!

Free the Phoenix 

Hello Musers,

I told you big things were coming! If you want some free scifi stories, look no further! Head on over to Instafreebie and check out Phoenix Ascendent!

If you like time travel, my story is for you. While you’re there, be sure to check out the rest of the Phoenix Collection!

Stay tuned for more stories coming this weekend.

Primed to Publish

Things are about to change around here! I am knee deep in an awesome writing workshop called Pheonix Prime. I am learning a lot. But, more importantly, I’m writing more than ever. By April, I will have at least 35 more stories published! 

Here’s the overview:

        Phoenix Prime is a Ph.D. level workshop that spans approximately four months. It uses applied industrial psychology to address components of writing, marketing, branding, business and contract issues, productivity, etc. that combine Creative Writing and business perspectives.
 The participants will create a portfolio to showcase their work alongside students in doctoral programs in several major universities. The objective, in addition to expanding the professional growth of all the participants, is to study the impact of the independent author-publisher on the commercial fiction industry.
 TL;DR – if your friend is in this program, they will be planting roots in their office chair. Be kind. Bring snacks. They’ll come up for air sometime in April. Keep an eye out for new books!

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

To anyone who doesn’t watch Doctor Who: sorry. Basically, I’m talking about time travel!

I arbitrarily picked time travel as the main topic for my Nanowrimo 2016 novel. It was a genre that I love and wanted to try writing in. In order to be better prepared, I also read Write to Market by Chris Fox. After trying the research plan he suggests,I was thrilled to find that I had picked a good genre!

I’ll be doing more research until November. By which I mean watching movies and reading books. Tough life, I know. Lol.

I’ll be posting strong points in the movies and books I come across. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

False Starts

Looking back at the novels that I have tried to start I found one major commonality. I have taken writing prompts and written responses. Some have the responses have come out great. Because they are so great, I decide that they should be a novel. Or, at least, a longer work. Which has been failing for me. Another reason that this approach failed was pantsing. If you’re not familiar with what that is, it is writing via flying by the seat of your pants. So no preparation, no character work and no development. Pantsing can work for a few hundred words, but a few hundred pages is a whole different animal.. Some authors are able to do it well. I am not one of them.

At one point, I decided to write under a pseudonym and only publish prompt responses. I was bored before the week was out. There are an endless amount of writing prompts out there, so the possibility for material is endless. I will still be writing them to exercise my writing muscles. I’ll share the good ones here too.

The last thing that I have noticed about my false starts is losing interest in longer works. All of my research tells me that the middle of a novel is the most tedious. I have definitely found that to be true. I know that I can fix this by outlining a bit more and just powering through it. And that is exactly what I plan to do.

Sunday Six Word Stories

I love reading six word stories. So it only made sense that I write some. Each week, I will post six in a theme. This week, the theme is loss. Enjoy!

He loved me once. Not anymore,

In war, no one is safe.

She wept and kissed him goodbye.

Her eyes were blue, but blind.

He sighed and left her forever.

His son, but they never met.

Tools I Use: Evernote



I love making lists. I also love losing lists. I have tried a lot of list making apps and websites. I keep a notebook in my purse. I have a dry erase board and a bulletin board in my office. But, I still need somewhere to keep everything. That is where Evernote comes in. Plus, it’s free. I love free stuff.

I am not the most effective user. Seriously. I am probably the worst. But, right now it keeps me kind of on track. I tried the Getting Thigs Done Method, it worked for about 3 days. The main thing that you should know about me is that I am lazy. So, I am not into making a lot of follow-up options and tags and whatnot.  I also am not good with sticking to deadlines.

My basic approach is to make a notebook. My most visited notebook write now is Writing Ideas. Huge surprise, I know. In the notebook, I can save any articles that I come across on the internet or on apps on my phone. I can also make text notes, voice notes, hand written notes, and save photos. It’s cross platform, so I can access it anywhere. This really comes in handy for the holidays too.

I make a ton of lists, save all kinds of stuff, and type out little story fragments. I also take pictures of hand written notes from time to time. Then, I immediately forget about them. Completely. It’s as if they never existed. Like I said, I am not the most effective user. But, one day when I have some extra time, I go through it. Evernote is searchable, so I just type in a notebook name or a topic. I find all kinds of fun stuff. Lists of titles and weird names are a treasure trove.

I imagine that this is a great idea for a person who is super organized. You can make tags, reminders, add shortcuts, and more. I use tags. I really only have a handful, but it still comes in handy. When I’m writing something new and I need a setting. I check out the tab. Boom! Settings!

Check it out, see if you like. If you like it, use it. If you hate it, don’t. If you have something that works better, drop it in the comments and I’ll give it a shot.

WIP – The Raving Ones

The Raving Ones


My current work in progress is  one of my short stories. It’s called The Raving Ones. It’s about a man who gets in a fight with his girlfriend and goes for a walk in the woods. In the woods he discovers a group of Maenads, and they are way more than he is ready for.

I love interesting tidbits of random information. So, when I stumbled across Maenads in a book I picked up one day, it sparked something.

I originally wrote this story as a flash fiction attempt. It was just over 500 words. Writing short isn’t one of my strong points, so I wrote it as an experiment. I thought it needed a little something more.  My critique partners thought the same thing. So, I pulled it back out and reworked it. It is going much better. You can find it online in May. Check out my Books page for more info.