Story Spotlight – A Tale of Magic and Sorrow

For my first Story Spotlight, I went with A Tale of Magic and Sorrow by Lee Hayton. Lee is a fellow Phoenix Prime author. Which means she is a great writer too. The story is a bit dark, but in the best possible way. She has such a way with imagery. By a way with imagery, I mean to say that she is a magician. One of my favorite short snippets:

As she fell silent, Nolan stared at the magic’s light. Each heartbeat sent crimson ripples out in waves, like a stone thrown into a pond. The blue wasn’t just blue, but indigo, violet, teal, and green. The gold formed a shimmering accent, pinpoints moving in set patterns like a sped-up night sky.

After I read it, I wanted to know more. As writer, I love to know how people come up with their stories. As I reader, I am nosy. I reached out to the Lee to get more information about the story. Below you will find her response. Anything in bold is from me.

I came up with the main character for this story when I was writing the description for the (now) second book in the World War Magic series, Bitter Magic. In that, I described true magic as being… “deep, dark, and dangerous. The stuff your great-great-grandfather fought against in blood-soaked battles to eradicate from the earth.” [See what I mean? Great writing] As soon as I wrote that down, I wanted to know more about the type of man who would fight a battle to eradicate magic from the world. Voila! Nolan Helmond was born.

The story was written as part of the Inanna’s Circle Game [brought to you by the creator of Phoenix Prime], where a series of snippets, settings, and character descriptions are provided by the organizer and at least one of each must be included in the story. For my setting, I chose the meadow that seems peaceful, but which on closer inspection has skeletons tangled in among the long grass and an inn run by a husband and wife. [She is not kidding about this. However, it came across as really beautiful to me.] They both fit in with my ideas at the time, and helped the story to grow and change. It went dark, man. I think this is the grimmest thing I’ve ever written, and my first two novels are about dead children. Yeah. Grimmer than that. [Grim in a good way for me.]

I’d like readers to take away a better sense of what to do when presented with a choice between the easy way and the right way. Nolan Helmond is a dickhead, people. Don’t be like Nolan. [Seriously, don’t.] Do, however, buy the next installment in the World War Magic series and embrace your inner grimness. You think this one is dark? Hoo boy. You don’t know what’s coming for you.

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